University of the Ryukyus

Faculty of Engineering,
Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering
Laboratry of Fluid Power Application
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In our laboratory, we currently study the following themes 1 to 4 , 5. and 6.

    Kunio Irabu,  Associate Professor, Dr.eng.

Works : (Themes)1D-4D

1DStudy of Power Augmentation of Savonius Rotor.

A small wind tunnel (spouting mouth:350mmx650mm, Velocity=6.5m/s)

2. Study of Distillation of Sea Water Using the Sunlight.

Instruments of measurement:
Multi-points temperature meter x 1, Digital temperature meter x1

3. Development of Portable Distillation Device of Sea Water.

Instruments of measurement:
Condensation rate measurement

4. Study of Energy Conversion Systems From Sea Wave.

Small wind tunnel (test section 370mmx1350mm, total length 3631mm, flow rate : 200m3/min),
torque meter x1, rotational speed meter x1

    T.Isao,AssocDProf. Dr.eng. and Ishikawa,Lecturer,Dr.eng.

 : Themes@5D6D

5DStudy of separated-reattached flow
over a backward step

Instruments: Gottingen Type Wind Tunnel (1mx1m, 50m/s, 75kW)
Constant Temperature Hot-wire Anemometers 1-2
Measurements: Time mean velocity, Turbulence strength,
Reattachment length

6. Study of gas-liquid mixed flow in a channel
using visualization technique

Small water channel, PIV systems

      Special Engineer and Students

@ Special Technical Engineers

Mr.Y.Kobashigawa,Br.eng., and Mr.M.Nitta,Msr.eng.

  Graduate StudentsF 
     Doctoral program: 1 person
Master's course:  2 persons
Under Graduate Students:  10 persons (in 2007)


   Photo.1 Wind tunnel for sea
   wave energy conversion test