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International_Symposiumon Experimental and Computational_Aerothermodynamics of_Internal_Flow

Since the first conference of ISAIF was held in Beijing in 1990, it has been great chance to exchange important academic and industrial information and results for many researchers and engineers as well as young students from all over the world. It is great pleasure to hold this conference here in Okinawa, which is second times in Japan since Tokyo in 2005. Every conference provides us with informative and fruitful achievements and also strong human networks in the members. We hope that the conference in Okinawa will also encourage all the participants to improve their idea and relations.
Okinawa Prefecture is the only region in Japan that is in the subtropical region, and is blessed with a warm climate all year round. An ocean with coral reefs, where schools of colorful tropical fish swim about, sustains various forms of life. In addition, creatures that are treasured worldwide, such as the Okinawa rail and the Iriomote cat, make their habitats in the forests of the northern part of Okinawa island and Iriomote island. All these situations are surely going to make you relax and have important discussions during the conference.

Past and forthcoming meetings

1st - 1990 Beijing, China
2nd - 1993 Prague, Czech Republic
3rd - 1996 Beijing, China
4th - 1999 Dresden, Germany
5th - 2001 Gdansk, Poland
6th - 2003 Shanghai, China
7th - 2005 Tokyo, Japan
8th - 2007 Lyon, France
9th - 2009 Gyeongju, Korea
10th - 2011 Brussels, Belgium
11th - 2013 Shenzhen, China
12th - 2015 Genova, Italy
13th - 2017 Okinawa, Japan